Die to Selfie

Be yourself. Find yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Ambiguous inspirational messages like these constantly flood my newsfeed.

They get the most re-pins.

They are celebrity endorsed.

They certainly roll of the tongue well.

But, as innocent and uplifting as “be yourself,” sounds, I have actually found that scripture tells us the opposite. As believers, we are called to deny ourselves.

“Then He said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23, NIV) Continue reading


Who would ever buy a selfie stick? I don’t take selfies.

This was a thought that blew through the caverns of my mind while I judgmentally gawked at a (probably very nice) couple using a selfie stick at Universal Studios.

“Yes, you do,” I heard my husband declare. I guess I had voiced my disapproving thought out loud. He’s so helpful.

My eyes widened with offense. I most certainly did not take selfies! Why? Because, I’m not self-centered. Continue reading

Compassion Demands Action

Compassion is rare in our selfie-centered world. We scroll through our Facebook posts, glancing at cat videos, guacamole recipes and just another Christian being beheaded in the middle east. On our newsfeed they are all the same.

Have we become numb to people’s pain? Maybe we “feel sorry,” but do we actually do anything?

Compassion and empathy are not the same. You can feel empathetic for someone, but it’s not until you act that you have demonstrated compassion.

We learn this from Jesus. Every time scripture says that Jesus was moved with compassion, an action followed. Continue reading